Inhibit Complex

Colourless Carotenoids

Proven ability to prevent tyrosinase production (the metabolic processes that cause hyperpigmentation). Helps reduce UVA/UVB damage and the formation of wrinkles, whilst stimulating collagen production. Skin is brighter, firmer and more radiant, fine lines are visibly reduced.

Zinc Ricinoleate, Cornstarch, and Baking Soda

A combination of natural elements to minimise and neutralise odour.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

GSE is a substance derived from the seeds, membranes, and the pulp of grapefruit. Used as a broad-spectrum, non-toxic, antimicrobial product, it is known to be highly effective for fighting infection and promoting health. GSE is used as a purifier, antiseptic, and preservative. Even in studies comparing its effectiveness to chlorine bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and colloidal silver, GSE has been found to be superior as an antimicrobial. GSE has no harmful side effects, along with being economical. Whereas most germ inhibiting components found in seeds can be toxic to humans and animals, the grapefruit seed has compounds that convert into a form that not only retains its antimicrobial properties, but also is non-toxic.

Celandine Extract

Ceases production and proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When used externally, it speeds up healing of minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes and as a relief for other skin problems. Celandine extract also has a compound that is proven to dissolve warts and soften corns. With correct dosage and preparation, celandine extract is a wonder.

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